His One and Only for His Only Ones

His One and Only for His Only Ones

April 02, 2020

Good evening my sisters. May today find you still praising the awesomeness of the Resurrection and celebrating that Jesus was Risen.

If you missed service this Sunday at LIFE I must share with you a powerful word nugget from our very own Pastor Donna; and if you were there and heard it please join me on chewing on that word one more time because it was real good!!!

Here are some stats for you...

There are 7 continents in the world and North America is 1 of them.

There are 23 countries in North America and the United States is 1 of them.

There are 50 states in the United States and Texas is 1 of them

There are 254 counties in Texas and Tarrant is 1 of them

There are 41 cities in Tarrant County and Arlington is 1 of them

There are 373,698 people in Arlington and if you are reading this you are 1 of them.

And God so loved the world He gave His One and Only Son for the world. God became flesh but remained God. He died for us fulfilling the prophecy and took away all of our sins giving us a freedom we could never earn!!! He was buried so there would never be any doubt that He was a man and He did die. He rose again on the third day proving that only God has power over all death.

The Resurrection my sisters is the greatest proof of Jesus being God's One and Only Son and God's love for us is so great He sent a part of Himself for this world and to save this world... And You my sisters are one in that world.

So with humble,grateful,adoration I say thank you for His One and Only so I can be one of His... only.

John 3:16

2 Peter 3:9

Romans 6:3-8

Love ,


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"God Loves A Cheerful Giver" 2 COR. 9:6

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