Embracing Abba-

Embracing Abba-

June 10, 2020

Around Father's Day each year many people are thankful for their dad being in their lives.

I am thankful and also remember “the Father from whom all fatherhood derives its name” (Ephesians 3:15). To appreciate God as your Father everyday is something you can learn to do --- even if your relationship with your father was painful for you.

“Abba” is Hebrew for Papa and it's the first word that a little Hebrew boy or girl says. It's a wonderful, affectionate name for God.

To know that the Almighty God is our dear Papa is such a blessing!

The child in us all longs for Abba’s Love. You may have lost touch with it, but you have a child part of you inside. There’s a little and vulnerable part of you that longs for your Heavenly Father to lift you up in His arms with joy!

Have you brought this child in you to Jesus and his Abba?

There’s a void in you and in me that only Abba can fill. But we cling to people. We try to impress people. We rush around and strive to succeed. We worry. We accumulate more and more stuff. We seek new experiences. We escape into entertainments or alcohol. We hold onto old wounds, especially from our fathers.

O, my friends, Jesus shows us the Abba Father love of God that we desire! Nothing else will fill the void in you and in me. The Bible is full of affirmations of just how much “The Father God Loves you and me.”

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"God Loves A Cheerful Giver" 2 COR. 9:6

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