Resurrection Power Over Your Past- April

Resurrection Power Over Your Past- April

April 10, 2020

The power of sins’s crazy how it haunts us and brings heaviness. How the enemy of our souls seeks to keep it alive--just enough to keep us from the promised abundant life in Jesus! Remember the woman caught in adultery? Her accusers dragged her sins publicly before the Savior and publicly He forgave her. "Woman, where are your accusers? Go and sin no more!" A despised past erased--in a moment's time by the Master's Word.

And THAT'S what He did when we accepted Him as our Savior. In an instant, our sins were forgiven.

We were washed clean through the Blood of Jesus, our Sacrifice. Not only did He bear our  sins on the cross, they were buried with Him in the garden tomb. He left them there, along with the folded grave clothes--so now don't you let Satan dig in that tomb, uncover those sins, and trip you up with them any longer. You have been raised to new life with the Resurrected Christ. The next time Satan tries to play a video of past sins, let Him know we don't listen or watch that programming anymore!

Remind him of the interactive Blood of Jesus Christ, which cleansed and continually cleanses you from all sin. We are to  live in Resurrection Power--we are free, because of a Resurrected Lord who forgives our past, both now and forever! Amen.

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