Are You In It to Win It

Are You In It to Win It

April 16, 2020

Well hello ladies!!!! Just a few weeks away from the Big Hat Brunch. I'm so excited and can't wait to enter "Wonderland" with you, so be sure to grab the Early Bird Special tickets.

Now then did you get to hear Pastor Joseph this Sunday. Whoaaaa...

He asked if he was on our street but truth be told he pulled up into many of our driveways & rung the doorbell!!! One of the nuggets I want to grab and share again was when he talked about the Olympians; the folks that put in the work, time, and effort. The people who train & get on the field to actually do the thing. When others talked about it or did it as a hobby the Olympians are determined, they sacrifice, they follow the directions of their coach, and most importantly they partcipate. The Olympians push through the pain as they are stretched, they dig deep and won't quit because they have a goal to reach... The Gold. But alongside Olympians there is always a large number of spectators. The ones that just sit in the stands and warm the seats. Now those folks can't expect to run down to get awarded the gold once the event is over. Yes they are at the event, sure they cheer, they even wear the team colors but they do no work at all. No work means no gold or glory.

That's how it is in God's kingdom. We can't be spectators doing no work, sitting warming seats, cheering loud on the sidelines, wearing the jersey of the Believer and then expecting to bring glory to the Kingdom. We have to be in it to win it. Win it for God's kingdom. Doing the work, making disciples by the Word of God,equipping and empowering people by the Spirit of God and serving oh yes serving in the Kingdom of God.

So my sisters to bring home the gold we have to participate. My question to each of you is... "Are you in it to win it (participate) or do you want to be just a seat warmer and an onlooker???"

Matthew 28:19-20

1 Corinthians 12:7-12

1 Corinthians 15:58
Romans 12:11
Blessings to you ,

Love Cheryl



"God Loves A Cheerful Giver" 2 COR. 9:6

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