Busy Bee Casuality

Busy Bee Casuality

May 07, 2020

Good evening ladies, praying that this finds you at a peaceful quiet moment in your day. The Women's Ministry "Emerge" would like to extend a gracious thank you to all the ladies who assisted in making the Big Hat Brunch a "wonderful wonderland" experience as well as all the ladies who attended and made that time of fellowship fun and memorable.

This Sunday is Mother's Day and if you would like to wear your big hat to service and celebrate the day we look forward to enjoying the beautiful hats again.

On our most recent service Pastor Rich & Pastor Tracie asked who had not spent at least 5 hours during the week with God (whether it was prayer,reading the Word, meditation, or in study). When I saw how many people came forth to say that they had not, it was a realization that as a whole we have become so busy and our schedules are jam packed with lots of stuff that pull us away from God. It's not like we are "out in the world" in direct rebellion against Him, but neither are we on fire for Him and His Word!

Let's be honest we are just too busy doing other things and we can barely squeeze the time in to go to service on Sunday (even hoping service will be short & quick so we can get back to doing other things that are on our schedules). I mean if you look at the world, everything has to be quick fast and in a hurry because we have so many things to do. I mean we take multi tasking to whole 'nother level.

I'm not sure if we have considered that being a busy bee is a distraction of the enemy. He wants to keep us too busy for and from God. Putting God first and center most doesn't necessarily mean giving up all of our individuality or interests but it does mean we need to reprioritize our life, keeping our relationship with Him #1. Think about it; God doesn't want us to give up some things for Him as much as He wants us to give to to Him those things.

Now I do know many of us aren't too busy for God when trouble comes. When there is more bills than money, when the enemy comes in like a flood, when all else fails Then who do we run to? Where do we turn then? Is He with us always or is He our after thought?

God is calling us to lean on and be instructed through His revealed Word not only in times of trouble and need, but everyday.

This is not about judgement or guilt; its about us as sisters encouraging eachother to nurture our relationship with God by making time for Him in our everyday life. Sisters if we seek God, we will find Him! He is ready, willing, and waiting to have a real life-changing intimate relationship with each one of us.
So being transparent I am seeking God on checking my heart regarding my own busyness (is it a way to feel valued???) or maybe it’s just the by-product of the difficulty on saying no. Either way
I encourage & urge you as of today, please make it your business; your priority to find time with God on a daily basis.

Will you be a busy bee casualty?

Are you going to allow busyness to stop you from fulfilling what God has purposed for you?

If that is not what you want for your life than go to God, spend time with Him daily and let Him intimately share with you His Revealed, Perfect, & Sovereign will.

Matthew 6:33

Colossians 3:17

2 Corinthians 5: 10
John 9:4
Deuteronomy 28:1-14
Blessings to you ,

Love Cheryl

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"God Loves A Cheerful Giver" 2 COR. 9:6

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