Are You Thirsty? The Anointing for Revival-

Are You Thirsty? The Anointing for Revival-

October 18, 2020

The Hebrew word for a dried up river bed is "Nachal". Israel has many of these. In Israel it rains in winter, but not in summer. In the summer, these places stand as a testament of the rains that once fell and of the rains yet to come. Then, when they do come, the Nechalim (nachal plural) almost instantly fill with water. This is what the Scripture means when it says, "I will give you rivers in the desert." There is a promise in that for us.

This summer season we experience a great number of lakes and rivers dry up because of a lack of rain, at the same time there are people who are spiritually in a dry summer season...what do we do to help when we are hot and thirsty, dry and broken? We seek shade and water. We seek something to refresh and rehydrate to revive us!

Seek the refreshing water that Jesus provided to the woman at the well, seek the wellspring of life and "thirst no more".

We all know how dry things can get, but seek now the water of the Word and the Spirit that brings life to you,I know I will!                              

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"God Loves A Cheerful Giver" 2 COR. 9:6

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